FeoClean announces the introduction of a new weld cleaner

The FeoClean Pro

Key features

  • This rugged machine has a solid metal frame which is encased in high impact polypropylene.
  • The cleaning cables are CE approved, and <HAR> approved neoprene rubber.
  • The machine cables and handle all have a two year warranty.
  • The cable gauge matches the power of the machine and is 16sqmm, making it at least 1.6 times the size of most machines on the market.
  • The carbon fibre brushes are 50% larger than the size of most brushes on the market.
  • IP65; no fans, no vents.
  • The shroud is made from Teflon, not silicone.
  • The wand is coated in a PTFE coating meaning a longer service life for the wand.
  • The mains power cable is also VDE approved, and <HAR> approved, and also jacketed with neoprene rubber.
  • The welding clamp is a 300A brass clamp, with 45mm jaw opening size”.

Coming Soon

“The FeoClean Basic has the same clean functionality as the Pro, but it does not have the polish functions.

The centre switch layout is the same as the Pro, except the two polish positions are removed.”

Upcoming Trade Shows

Machining World, Maastricht,
26th-28th November 2019

Metaltech, Kuala Lumpur
15-18th, May 2019

Fabtech, Chicago
11-14th November, 2019

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